Jenevieve Lyons

Jenevieve Lyons

Jenevieve Lyons

Jenevieve Lyons as a designer ‘depicts’ visual parables throughout her clothing; referencing strong concepts taken from various fields of study and interpreting them within a fashion context, bringing across strong concepts and ideas in the form of innovative garments with a strong sense of sculpture and moulding. Jenevieve references an aesthetic of conceptual minimalism.

Jenevieve Lyons as a brand encompasses apparel with an aesthetic quality of avant-garde ideals; with ‘performatic’ prerequisites to evoke an emotional response and bring across meaning within the viewer, evidently telling parables through ‘fashion’; and apparel.

The brand speaks to the fashion conscious consumer; with apparel; which are intricately designed and constructed to become something of immense grandeur, intriguing the customer with an eye and appreciation for clothing holding a high quality of aesthetic.

The brand aims to avail the consumer with two lines of retail merchandise; 1. being the Jenevieve Lyons runway collection where wearable separates can be bought from the runway collections and; 2., extended ready-to-wear retail lines encompassing both womanswear and menswear.

Ready-to-wear and stockists:

Jenevieve Lyons has launched online where the runway wearable separates as well as ready-to-wear extension lines will be available for purchase on .

Jenevieve Lyons recently launched MUTE by Jenevieve Lyons which is an extension to the brand where the ready-to-wear extension lines compound. MUTE is an expression of wearable simplicity whereby garments are intricately designed and constructed with the use of high quality textiles. The ready-to-wear garments articulate an aesthetic of ‘oddity’, which is filtered through the conceptual side of the brand, continuing the central theme of telling visual parables through apparel, executed in a wearable and accessible manner.

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P: +27 83 446 2505

Twitter/Instagram: Jenevieve_Lyons