Designers Name: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi
About the Rick Dusi Label

RICKDUSI was launched in 2015 with a Knack for impeccable design aesthetics, beautifully executed fashion, a refreshing and authentic approach to menswear fashion, as well as endless opportunities in exploring interesting shapes, cuts, colors and silhouettes.

With the love for branching out across the global Fashion continent to stay abreast of emerging inspiration, trends and unexplored inventions in Fashion, Eromosele debuted his Menswear collection in 2017 – “The Conversation” inspired by an imaginary conversation between different epochs of menswear fashion especially the delicate art of suiting and how it has evolved and communicated with each other in time and through time.




Contact Information: +2347030072880.

Website: Under Construction.
Social media Handles:
My brand: @Rickdusi
Personal: @Patrickeidusi

I sell on line for now via my Instagram.