One I AM is a fashion and art brand by Onesimo Bam that was founded in 2015. The main focus was, and still remains to be, is to look beyond society’s view of beauty and creating work that holds meaning with anyone that resonates. My past projects include a series of Kimonos created in collaboration with Unknown Union & various local artists from different disciplines as this was there are always numerous visions brought to the table so I have the opportunity to learn so much. The exchange of energy, skills and vision is what drives me. (Images of work attached)

The Kimonos are conceived through a very blank and vague process. Initially, a one word theme sparks the start of the project and from then on I let my current feelings associated with that one word create and construct the Kimono. The process is unplanned and there is such beauty that comes out of the first work created as it is genuinely spontaneous, the sense of ‘unforeseen’ brings forth the raw image of your true emotions.

The fabrics are sourced from Fabric city, Studio47 & Hemporium in Cape Town.
For my past projects I have been working closely with Unknown Union and that is where I did most of my sewing



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